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All I Can Breathe is Your Life [entries|friends|calendar]

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[15 Dec 2003|06:06pm]
[ mood | new ]

uhh i jumped on the bandwagon and got a new, meaningful name since it's actually possible now. my new name is dying_to_dance add me if you wish, i've added you all already. :)

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[15 Dec 2003|04:49pm]
YES it's almost aaalll done. i just have to go to sports authority to get my brother a present...then i'm finished AND i'll have $5 left lolol. wooo and christmas is a week from thursday. i cant wait

WOO i loooove snow days! [15 Dec 2003|08:13am]
[ mood | silly ]

so i wake up at 615 to check the closing information, and see that we have a 90 minute dealy. so i'm pissed because i wanted a cancellation, i go back to bed and wake up at like 730, talk to my mom to make sure it hasnt changed and get dressed, and i think hey, i'll check again. and yeah. schools closed. rite after my mom tells me to get dressed and wait for my brother to get out of the bathroom to go finish getting ready. my parents pulled a mr and mrs lasicki :-P haha ((i love ur parents to death but i was like, wow, i feel like amanda)) and my brother comes out of the bathroom and goes to get dressed and my parents arent telling him that theres no school so....

Me: hey kev are you putting ur pajamas back on and going to bed?
Kevin: uhh why would i do that
Me: cuz...there's no school...
Me: What, were ya gonna let him get dressed and ready and as he's walking out the door be like, guess what? theres no school!
My dad: No, we were gonna let him tie up the newspapers and then we were going to tell him

my parents are such bastards hahahaha. i was kind of mad that i told him because i woulda laughed my ass off if he did all that work and everything. my family is so f-ed up.

so yeah i wanted to go back to sleep and that did work. so now im going to go have one of the awesome grapefruits that we got from the latin club fruit sale haha. wow i'm weird.

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